Dark Night – Book Review

It’s a story of Kabir who shifted to London from Varodara at his childhood. In London, he found that society and their lifestyle are open minded. So he tried to adjust in that environment.

Firstly, he met a girl in his school days Hikma but unfortunately they didn’t get to know each other properly. Once he grew up he met Priya and fell in love with her but after that, he met her friend Maya. And the story goes on.

I like the way the author has tried to relate to depression and Kaam (Sexual desires). He tried to explain very briefly how loneliness can become the cause of depression.

The story is simple and doesn’t have so much twist. So anyone can predict the story further. But the author has shown the audacity to write an erotic novel especially in Hindi which is appreciable. His orthodox style of writing made the novel worth read.

The cover is good, the storyline is good, and the climax is good but could have been better. So overall its a good one time read