14 May, 2019 #Blogs #Letters


Scenario – A boy who has been rejected by a girl. He has everything in life except her. He knows nothing can be done. So he has written a letter to himself.

Dear Me,

Few days have been very discouraging for me. Nothing is working. But wait for a second what is the meaning of nothing for me? Is nothing defined as a single event or a single person? Yes, a single person has been a source of motivation for me. I spent my whole one year just for her. Her one glimpse or a small conversation was enough for me to get me motivated. But what did I get? I got only Pain, agony and ignorance. I was used just like a use and throw the pen. I was the one who never had on her friend’s list.

Now I am dejected because I am rejected. I have lost to myself. Nothing can fulfil my emptiness at this time.  This nothing is different from the previous nothing. This nothing is all the things which I am getting right now except her. I can say that I have everything but I want that previous nothing.  I know I was nothing for her but she was everything for me.