Indiyapa – Book Review

Author- Vinod Dubey.

Publisher- Hind Yugm.

Rating – 5/5.

Review – Indiyapa is a story of a boy Sagar. A boy with so much expectation from his family. A boy who pursued his dreams.  A boy who accidentally met with a beautiful girl Bhakti in the Nokia service-centre. They became friends and story went on.

The story beautifully describes the beauty of Varanasi. The bank of holy Ganga, the chant of Ganga aarti and Sailor’s conversation with the protagonist made cherry on the cake in the storyline. Author has tried to explain the love in the Indian scenario where just loving someone is not enough.

The flow of the book is awesome. The characters that the author developed were amazing. The way author explained every situation is commendable. From Bhakti’s dress to dangles, from Finland to Varanasi, from friendship to love, Author has explained everything.

The cover of the book connects with the storyline. Author has standstill in his writing style. It seems like a painter is drawing on the canvas with various colours. He also used some slang words which is common in India so the reader feels connected by heart.

It is a story of every other Indian boy who traps between two loved ones.

Overall, It is a must read Book with strong characters, vivid writing style, Simple language.

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