Introduction of Families

Groom’s Family-

Gyanesh- Mr. Groom – He is an IT professional, working with Global Logic but it’s not his real identity. He is an Author and have written many novels. His life belongs to reading and writing only. In his free time, he loves to waste his time on social media and later regrets about it. Most of the time, you can find him in front of his 2 laptops. Well, we believe that after marriage his screentime would reduce.

Mrs. Tara Sahu – Mother- Well, No one believes that she is Gyanesh’s mom but it’s true. Her age is same for last 20 years. We are sure, after the marriage no would believe that she is officially become a Sasu Maa too.

Mr. Dilip Sahu – Father- He works in Bhilai Steel Plant. He meets with Baba Ramdev daily at 5 AM with the help of Aastha TV.

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