15 August, 2019 #Life

Mid twenties are new teenage

When I had been passing my teenage I was told by elders to be very meticulous about the decisions I used to take. According to them, those decisions would impact my entire life. But I feel not a single decision has affected my life neither positively nor negatively.

I feel the decisions we take between 22th to 28th define our whole life because We can’t amend our decisions like a teenager.  It’s the age where we get mostly tempted and distracted by relationships and Social Media.
Let’s talk about it one by one.

Relationship – It’s the age where we naturally want someone in our life to share our pain and pleasure. The main problem arises when we get tempted by seeing others enjoying or suffering in relationships. If we are single we think being in a relationship would give us happiness and vice Versa.

But it’s just a hoax because real happiness exists inside us which we never want to find out. I am not saying we should not be in relationships but we should not try to change our relationship status forcefully by watching other people.

If we are in a relationship we should try to keep it healthy and peaceful. NO daily fights and false misunderstanding. If we are single then we should not try to be in a relationship in a deliberate way just for emotional or sexual need. Even If anything happens automatically then it’s alright like cultivated love or mutual break-up.

Otherwise, in both cases, we are going to hurt ourselves and suffer in the long run. So we just try to keep our relationship status constant between 22th to 28th.

Now talking about Social Media

We spend approximately 4 to 5 hours surfing social media. Sometimes we tag each other in memes, make Tik-tok videos and take pictures via Snap Chat by applying filters. Sometimes we just stalk our friends.

Do you think it adds any value to our life? Yes, we get attention for some time amidst our friends and family but after a few days, no one cares about it. So we can just fix the timing for using social media. Even we can take the help of various applications also to monitor our social media activities.
So friends share your views with me.

Thank you