Invite Me

As an author, I feel that it’s my responsibility to share my stories with the world. My stories may not be that impressive as well as I am not an expert but I am sure you will be relaxed after talking to me. 

If you want to invite me at your School/College/Organization then I am ready to share my experience with all of you. Even you can arrange an online session also with your friends. 

Here is the list of things that I am confident enough to share. 

  • My Writing Journey: I started my writing journey when I was pursuing post graduation from National Insurance Academy. Before publishing my first novel , I had read hardly 15 books. When I self-published my first novel then only I realized that Writing is more about Reading. I started reading books on daily basis. One fine day, I got the idea of my second novel “Googly” which is Best Seller now. It was not a cake walk for me. I had to wait for 2 long years to get published by a top publisher. So, I have lots of experience to share when it comes to my Writing Journey.

  • Gita Lessons : Gita is not just a religious book. Rather it is a practical scripture which makes you aware about your Mind, Body and Soul. I have been a reader of Gita for last 2 years. From my understanding, I can say that it has answers of all our queries which keep making us restless. So, lets talk together and crack all the problems of our life.

  • How to write your first Story / Novel: People assume that artists have natural talent to express themselves but it’s not completely true. I always believe that talent can be overpowered by skills. It applies to writing also. People write on social media and on the basis of likes they judge their writing but when it comes to writing you should have some basis skills to write your first Story or Novel. So, I am here to help you to develop your first story by applying basis skills.

Apart from these topics, If you want me to share my views on other topics then also you are free to contact me by Mail.